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The company founders worked for a well known large Plc Assurance Company covering an area in North West London, from Hammersmith to Wembley, Park Royal to Kilburn, advising clients on the full range of financial products from Life Insurance to Pensions. They soon realised that there were some distinct gaps in his product range, namely Household & Car Insurance & decent Mortgage Funds Placement, so with the agreement of their then employers they commenced what can only now be described as the egg of The Mortgage Shop providing, on a part time self employed basis, these additional very much needed products.

Life went on in a similar way until one bright summers day in 1992 the two from this well known large Plc Assurance Company, decided that enough was enough and full self employment seemed a much better idea, mainly from a financial point of view. And so this was the first time the phrase "Mortgage Shop" actually arose commencing activities from Walthamstow, East London and then from Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire (see above), tied to an even larger and more well known large Plc Assurance Company. Advising on the range of mortgages very much the same way it does today but as a partnership tied to one insurer, business was as usual, however in the winter of 1993 the two partners came to what can only be described as differences in opinion and the partnership came to an abrupt end and neither have spoken to each other since this date, shame really!.

The Mortgage Shop became the shortened label (and has remained the same since). We then decided that technology was going to be the secret to success and commenced what can only now be described as a suicidal mission to go bankrupt, purchasing more computers than we had people to operate them. Setting up 24 hour telephone answering systems attached to Freephone telephone lines (expensive), thanks to the influences of Colin Tebbutt (a Telecoms boffin & great friend of the company). From the sidelines, some people attached to the company thought we were mad, and our competitors laughed, were they wrong??.

The laughter became hysteria in January 1995 with the creation of "Mortgage by The Mortgage Shop" estate agent type signs (an idea previously shelved) emerged all over North London , Hertfordshire & Essex. With the backing of some very loyal clients and friends these advert boards were born. Anyone living in these areas will be able to tell you how quick the word got around that The Mortgage Shop was the place to do business, a mass of clients soon came from near and far, so did the threatening letters from the local authorities (see below), but that's another story.

The world at TMS continued in as mad a fashion as possible until early 1995 when the guys at the top commenced activities in an unknown world which was very expensive to get into at that time, the World Wide Web.

In February 1995 the company became Independent Financial Advisers under the Financial Options Network (hooray), the best move we ever made, leaving behind the very large & well known (and misguided) Plc Assurance Company. We are still with this network (it was bought out by MISYS Plc in 1999 which is the UK's largest group of Independent Financial Advisers) and we would like to thank Kevin Budge their Finance Director (he's still there) for his assistance when needed over the years, top lad.

In 1996 the second and current offices of the company were founded and business commenced from 86 Church Street, Enfield in March after a very quick decision, from a tip off from the company's Solicitor, Martin Alfreds of Barnes & Partners, that these offices were available (thanks Martian). 

Webcams 1 & 2 @ The Mortgage Shop, Enfield (facing east & north)

Having launched and failed a couple of sites we took on board the ideas and assistance of Guy Baker from (still around and very successful, one of the UK's most visited sites) - that was it and the domain was purchased in May of 1997 (it was too expensive) and a full website began clawing its way out of the dark. This site, self developed internally ever since and has taken on all sorts of shapes and sizes since. The site is a major ongoing task with changes taking effect daily, we are happy to receive comments & suggestions on this front from visitors, see address for comments below.
2002 Update we have now bought (far too expensive) the full set of Mortgage Shop domain names and are converting the company trademark to to bring the whole lot together under one generic name.

The company since 1997 has spent quite a lot of time sourcing and buying financial related domains (sad business) and is very proud to have a huge set of generic and very used domain names (thanks to Nick Jones of  Mr Efficient who has now sold out). We can only equate the buying of domain names to playing Monopoly, if you don't get Mayfair you will soon find out how much you needed it. We are now happy to be in the position to register our own domain names and manage our own hosting through our sister companies &, if you need assistance in a net project we will be glad to assist you - clients only that is. 

During 1997 and due to the companies new range of pending non financial activities it was agreed that a new holding company should be setup to reflect a non financial status within the industry this is when TMS Group Ltd was founded and trades solely in our Internet & Communications based entities which grow on a daily basis it would seem.

An additional sister company was formed in early 2000 which operates in Spain, it is specialising in Spanish Property purchases & rentals and offers finance (in English) from the leading names in Spain. Check out (now known as & (now known as if you are searching for a new retreat. 2002 Update: This property company now has expanded to cover properties and indeed islands from all over the globe from South Africa to Southern Ireland, Australia to Canada. Our property company we are proud to confirm is listed in the popular independent website analysis publication which is available in all good bookshops.

TMS Group Ltd and its range of trading entities display in excess of 1 million page loads every year (increasing daily) and has installed state of the art Cold Fusion & PHP Database backends (with thanks to Harrison from ) to both and which give all our clients up to the minute updates on any new occurrences on their financial matters by email and unique client login access and display any property site search results, all clever stuff. These projects are ongoing on a daily basis with our data tech crew being based in the Highlands of Scotland to eliminate any outside interruptions like shopping and going out for meals and socialising etc!. This part of the group has formed together under the trading title and is marketing its services to other unrelated financial and property companies as a purchasable unique service to assist them in maintaining ongoing quality remote data storage facilities.

In the summer of 2000 the company completed a transaction with some major US providers of financial services and commenced dealing in mortgages for visitors to our sites from the USA. In its 1st month of trading this new venture completed over 370 applications for home finance from US residents and is operating in conjunction with a division of Microsoft to ensure that we have adequate systems in place to jointly fulfill these customers needs. 2002 Update this transaction is still going strong.

On January 1st 2001 we commenced ventures in the underwater world and later that year launched the first of our watersports websites this in time will encompass the full range of services and products in these very popular sports with long term plans for a Scuba & Boat handling Training and Holiday based company offshoot, (watch this space).

In March 2002 the financial company was VERY PROUD to receive a massive surprise vote from the UK Lenders and Insurers in the industries prestigious Money Marketing awards. We were voted 2nd in the Best Mortgage Independent Financial Adviser category coming runner up to John Charcol (a part of the massive Bradford & Bingley Group of companies).

2004 Update The companies global mortgage funding activities have grown dramatically over the past few years and we are proud to be known as one of the biggest UK Independent Mortgage Brokers working on overseas matters, with non resident Spanish mortgages now available up to 80% from 2.8%, Bulgarian mortgages up to 70% available and loans from Portugal available up to 70% from 2.92% and many many more deals for the following countries France, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Italy, USA, Bulgaria, Hungary, Australia etc.

You can add your family & friends to our mail list or recommend we talk to them by emailing us their contact details at we promise at all times to not hard sell to ANYONE, its not nice.

The rest is history & indeed the future, keep tuned, and if you haven't joined our email list yet click on the above email link, you don't want to miss out on the launch of our new breed sites, do you??

For all those people who have taken part in the different stages of the company since 1988 (especially Andy Mac, Debbie Wellington & Jessie Bush) we THANK YOU all for your commitment at various VERY STRESSFUL STAGES, we know thanks were not always available but they were in mind, honest.................................

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